Ordering and receiving regular repeat medicines should be simple and easy. But all too often, this isn’t the case for patients.

We often see people feeling frustrated with:

  • inconvenient trips to the surgery
  • forgetting to order repeat prescriptions
  • running out of medication
  • missing deliveries
  • long pharmacy waiting times

We asked ourselves how we could make the prescription process simpler for people managing their long term health conditions, and Acorn was born.

Acorn has been created with a patients’ experience at its core, empowering you to feel in control of your prescriptions and improving communication between you, your pharmacy and your surgery.

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Our Founders

Mark Hedley


Mark has over 25 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. He owns a chain of pharmacies that span the UK and has been running these pharmacies since 2007. Mark became increasingly frustrated at the level of customer care that his pharmacies were able to deliver for their patients. Due to changes in local policies around the ordering of repeat medications, pharmacy customers were experiencing problems.

“Acorn is a solution to those problems. Acorn allows for the smooth ordering of prescriptions, whilst also helping patients speak to their pharmacist directly to ask about their medication.”

Kevin Murphy

Co-Founder & Clinical Director

With over 14 years under his belt working as a Pharmacist, Kevin is passionate about the role that pharmacists play in ensuring patients get the best out of their medication. It’s not just delivering the medication accurately and quickly that is important, but also providing the right advice and support to make sure that medication works as intended. 

“Acorn is an opportunity to use technology to improve communication between the patient, the surgery and the pharmacy, saving everyone time & hassle. The outcome is to help people to live well for longer.”